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Learning a language is one of the most intense personal journeys you’ll ever embark on. It opens up gateways to new cultures, friends, experiences, new ways of thinking, and dreams too. It can completely change your life if you want it to. Everyone has their own motives for studying language, what about you?

Welcome to The Language Quest, I’m Aaron and I want to join you on your language adventure. Whether you’re here as a complete beginner in Japanese, or if you have already begun your language journey, I want to support you every step of the way. There is a huge world full of adventures waiting for you.

Why study Japanese?


“Why did you choose to study Japanese?” is a question that I get asked a lot, by a lot of different people actually; potential employers, family, friends, even people who I’ve served at the supermarket. It’s a simple one sentence question, without a one-sentence answer, unless you answer “because I like anime.” It’s certainly a question where everyone will have their own story to tell, coupled with plenty of unique inspirations and experiences. If I were to play this question at its own game and answer with a one-sentence response myself though however, I would say; because

  I love the adventure of language.

And that is exactly what language is to me, it’s what Japanese is to me. It’s a never-ending life-altering adventure that is packed with exciting (and embarrassing) experiences. Through learning a language you can discover unique phrases and expressions that are absent in your native language. Committing yourself to learn a new language equips you with the foundation necessary for stepping into a new realm where you can forge relationships and connections with people from various cultures you never thought possible. But that just scratches the surface! I’ve yet to mention the personal development that comes along with this challenge. Learning a language abroad is more than just a chance to become immersed in the culture of the language. Studying abroad puts you in the middle of a pool of opportunities just waiting to be explored, and dreams to be discovered. 

My Mission


I want to give you the same opportunity I had to experience a life-changing adventure. Plenty of sites provide fantastic information on Japanese culture, language learning and available scholarship programs. My mission is to not only provide everyone curious about Japanese culture and language learning with the content, and inspiration they need to get started, but to go one step further. So, I am building a Japanese language study scholarship program to support you in going to Japan. You can find out more information and register your interest in the upcoming scholarship program here!

Now it’s time for you to embark on your own adventure, explore your own journey, and start and fulfil your own language quest.



さて、皆さんは?日本について興味がありますか?日本語を学ぶことが好きですか? 日本語の初心者や中級者のみなさん、大歓迎です。言語クエストで、役に立つ面白い日本語と日本の文化についての情報が見つかること間違いなしです!私が皆さんの日本語の冒険をサポートします。






私は日本と台湾で勉強した時に、言葉では伝えられない幸せを感じました。皆さんもその幸せを経験できるように、この「言語クエスト」を作りました。色々な日本の文化について記事を書いたり、皆さんの日本語の勉強をサポートをして、日本に留学ができる機会をあげたいと思います。世界に飛び出すことの素晴らしさを見せたいと思います。ですから毎年 「言語クエスト」の奨学金の機会を行います。海外でとても素敵な文化や人や経験が、皆さんのことを待っているので、皆さんが一度でも留学できるようにお手伝いしたいです。

Aaron Profile

Aaron Riley

The Language Quest Founder

“I love the adventure of language”

Aaron is a Japanese Studies Graduate and a member of the Taiwan Alumni Association through the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship program. He has worked as a translator and interpreter for Japanese education seminars managed by MEXT and Japanese BoEs.

He is also a Legend of Zelda enthusiast. He analyses and translates the Japanese text of the video game franchise on his YouTube channel.

Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin

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