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WHat is Japanese Core: Hiragana QUest?

Japanese Core: Hiragana Quest, is our own original content produced to help you learn Japanese hiragana. It contains card entries which use creative mnemonics to help you create a visual connection with each hiragana. You might be thinking, “what do you mean by creating a visual connection with each hiragana?” Say for instance, you’re trying to learn the hiragana character の. Now try to imagine that it looks like a no passage sign.  Looks similar right? You can remember this hiragana as “no” by recalling the sign. By taking the time to associate and establish a visual connection to each hiragana, you can increase your ability and speed to recall them. Scroll down and take a look at our mnemonics below. See if you can use them to help you remember each hiragana. You could even try to make your own!

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This page will be updated with more hiragana as time passes, make sure to check back often. LAST UPDATED 02/MARCH/2021 

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